Boonk has solidified his name through his crazy antics as opposed to his music. Mind you, social media presence plays a huge factor in the success of an artist in the current era. However, it seems that Boonk's music is catching the attention of a certain member of the Migos.

Boonk took to his Instagram story today to share a screenshot of a conversation he had with Offset. Offset reached out to the eccentric social media personality saying "wanna sign u yo music too hard." Boonk captioned the screenshot "Migos x Boonk Gang." The offer itself raises a few questions. For one, does this mean that Offset is about to launch his own record label? And if so, will his label be under Quality Control? Another question is whether Offset is helping scope talent for Quality Control. We know that Pee and Coack K of QC have been putting in work for the past few years and with the success of many of the artists on the roster (i.e. Lil Yachty and Migos), they've continued to reach out to the new wave of younger cats out there trying to help bring something new to the table.

Despite the fact that Boonk's whole shtick is rooted in his strange behavior that he puts on display, he has also delivered music in the past that has gained traction. Mind you, not as much as his antics, but there are people out there who are listening to his music. His video for "Back Den" has garnered 2.7 million hits while his single "Muttin" sits at 2.9 million and "On Em" has 1.9 million. It seems that his antics are finally starting to pay off in some sort of way. It'll be interesting to see how his social media clout translates into his music career. His social media activity is polarizing to most but he's definitely on his way to making something out of it. 

 Check the screenshot below: