Coronavirus has everyone inside of their houses, trying to escape the possibilities of contracting the novel virus. But in wake of the pandemic, people are making panic purchases and stocking up on toilet paper, bread, and pretty much anything else that one can get their hands on to survive the quarantine phase that everyone appears to be in.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Bread is apparently a hot commodity these days and Offset's been searching for a loaf for days now. A few days back, the rapper hit Twitter in search of a loaf of bread and wondered whether there were any resellers. Apparently no one stepped up because Offset's still breadless days later. Taking his problems to the 'Gram, he shared two photos of himself that had no relevance to coronavirus. "Everything closed can’t get no bread no where still f*#+ dis Coronavirus shit I’m going to the moon 🌚," he announced. 

Though he doesn't have bread on deck to presumably make his sweet tuna salad recipe, he has stockpiled on blunts and weed. Cardi B shared a video of her and Offset at their home yesterday where he was seen rolling blunt after blunt out of boredom. However, there's a possibility the he's also taking precaution in case sh*t gets really real and he needs some pre-rolls for the apocalypse. `

Hopefully, someone can get Offset a loaf of bread soon.