Last week, Offset was arrested and charged with possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of a weapon during a crime, possession of marijuana and improper lane change. Police have shared new details pertaining to his arrest after Offset's lawyer claimed the rapper was targeted by authorities for being a rich and successful black rapper. Today, the police are now saying that Offset was weaving through traffic at the time they pulled him over.

Police say that Offset was pulled over for "failure to maintain lane" after he crossed a yellow line, TMZ reports. They say the rapper was weaving through traffic before he was stopped by the cops.

After the rapper was pulled over, the police found three firearms inside of the vehicle including one that was on the passenger, Offset's bodyguard, and the other two were found inside of the car. Offset's lawyer said over the weekend that Offset was not in possession of a weapon and described the person who did have the gun as an assistance with a license to carry.

Prior to Offset's arrest, it was reported that he and Cardi B were being sued by a New York City hotel for the alleged beatdown that happened to a autograph seeker the night of the Met Gala. Overall, Offset has a lot of legal trouble to tend to.