Timing is everything and the fact that Offset just dropped off his first ever solo album Father of 4 and his son Kody just turned 4, pretty much means that everything happened for a reason. The "Wild Wild West" rapper shared an image on Instagram of young Kody Cephus to celebrate his born-day and the resemblance to Offset is crazy. 

"HAPPY BDAY KING KODY BIG 4 YOUR MY TWIN I LOVE YOU," Offset captioned the photo that sees Kody wearing three chains, and a gold watch probably worth a year of my rent, at least. 

The subject matter of Offset's solo tape revolves heavily around being a father and is an open letter to his children, if you will. 

"Each time, you get wiser and smarter, and learn the ropes of being a father. Each one after is actually easier," Offset told Billboard when discussing being a dad.

"The hardest one was my first son, Jordan. I was 17 and I ain’t have no job, and I was roaming the streets and trying to find myself. It was hard, and I was scared when I first had him, because out of all my homies I was the first one to have a kid. Everyone was like, “Bro, you have a kid on the way,” and at first it was like a joking matter. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, and I had to try different things to get the money and survive. But God let it happen."