The elections are a little over a week away and the outcome is still looking uncertain. Despite the last four years of Trump, there have been a few people, including famous rappers, who've offered endorsement in recent times. 50 Cent, for example, said that he was voting for Trump, though he has since retracted that statement. Meanwhile, Ice Cube's recent meeting with White House officials raised a few eyebrows. Overall, celebrities have just been urging people to go out and vote.

Offset, specifically, has been working within his community in Georgia to encourage more people to vote. After his recent run-in with Trump supporters in Los Angeles, it's safe to say that the current sitting president isn't getting his vote. The rapper performed ahead of Joe Biden's drive-in rally in Georgia alongside Common. 'Set shared a photo of himself, Common, and Biden hanging out -- with masks on, of course -- while the former vice president held the pendant of one of Offset's chains, presumably asking him about the number of diamonds in it. 

The rapper has been heavily campaigning to encourage his supporters to go out and vote, even offering Lyft codes at one point for people to get to and from the voting stations. Last week, he shared a PSA detailing misleading information from his probation officer that he couldn't vote because he has a felony on his record.

"After I caught my first felony when I was 17 years old, I felt like basically, I ain’t count,” he said. “My probation [officer] told me, ‘You can’t vote, you got a felony.’ It just made me feel like I wasn’t wanted or I wasn’t supposed to be involved."

The rapper voted this past summer for the first time in the Georgia primaries and revealed in his post with Joe Biden that he had already cast his ballot. Check his post below.