According to analysis from a few legal experts, it wouldn’t be surprising to see OJ Simpson paroled from prison this fall after serving 9 of 33 years for his conspiracy, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and assault charges surround an incident in Las Vegas years ago. If Simpson does get out a report from TMZ says he could be headed back to our TV screens.

According to TMZ’s sources, any OJ Simpson appearance would have to utilize Pay-Per-View model because networks and their advertisers would be too afraid of associating themselves with OJ. That said, there’s clearly a large appetite for OJ Simpson content after the success of FX’s fictional TV show and the Oscar-winning 30 for 30 documentary on the trial.

In 2006, an OJ Simpson TV special was filmed that reportedly had him reading a passage in his book that confessed to the murder. The special was pulled from TV, but perhaps after another decade plus of time, people will be more ready to watch someone confess to a murder they were acquitted of.

Simpson still owes $33 million in a wrongful death judgement, so he will definitely be looking for ways to get paid if and when he does get out of prison.