For years, O.J. Simpson has been a popular Halloween costume as people dress up in orange jumpsuits to recreate his most famous looks. The man notorious for allegedly murdering Nicole and Ronald is out and about and people still line up to take pictures with him. Earlier this year, news broke that O.J. had actually confessed to killing the two to a book publisher, prompting the world to react all over again. It's always been assumed that he was responsible, he just has failed to own up to it. He decided to get out of character for a day, slipping into his doctor's outfit and becoming "Seymour Bush" for Halloween.

The former athlete decided that it would be funny for him to portray a gynecologist on October 31, with the punny name "Seymour Bush" embroidered on his robe being the cherry on top. He posed for a few photos with fans in Las Vegas, holding a glass of wine in his hand. 

There have been plenty of notable celebrity Halloween costumes this year. From Rita Ora to Beyonce to YG, everybody has been showing off their outfits on social media. Arguably none of them have been scarier than O.J. Simpson though.