In 2006, O.J. Simpson sat down with Judith Regan in hopes of promoting his book, If I Did It. He spoke candidly about how he would have went about murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, hypothetically. However, it didn't air out of respect of the victims' families. On Sunday, Fox will be televising the interview as O.J. Simpson: The Lost confession. The new clip gives us a glimpse of what we can expect.

"It's not easy to discuss", Simpson says in the clip before sharing his thoughts on the murders. He goes in-depth, recalling details that would need to be addressed were someone to get away with the slayings. It's said the the remainder of the interview is just as extensive as the snippet. Judging from his play-by-play recollection, people consider this to be a twisted way of admitting he was guilty of the crimes.

The discourse won't end as the show concludes. The special is hosted by Soledad O'Brien and will be followed by a panel featuring specialists who will share their thoughts on The Lost Confession. While the world has their mind made up on Simpson, it will be interesting, and revolting, to see him divulge details in this way. We'll have to be tuned in on Sunday for the event over a decade in the making.

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