Omarion "Word 4 Word" Video

Q. K. W.
July 07, 2017 16:31

Omarion directs stunning new visuals for his video "Word 4 Word."

Taking to the amazingly beautiful and bustling cityscapes of Japan, Omarion embodies a different Japanese-inspired version of himself. 

“They have masters in kendo called a dan,” he said to Complex. “And the highest level is like a dan 10, but you can’t even really start to become a dan until you’re like 40 years old. And it teaches you about yourself. The strikes are personal. A strike is supposed to reflect who you are as a person. Some of that culture is in the video, and it mirrors the lyrics of ‘Word for Word.'"

"It’s true art and an exchange of culture," he continues, "there are always conversations about culture vultures and what’s appropriate, and I think this is a great example of doing it the right way."

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