OMB Peezy Details Getting High At 8 Years Old On "How To Roll"

Aron A.
December 14, 2017 12:44

OMB Peezy joins us for the latest episode of how to roll.

It's been a big year for OMB Peezy. The Alabama rapper landed a deal with E-40's Sick Wid It Records and 300 Entertainment which he dropped his EP, Humble Beginnings through. Since then, he's been slowly but surely making his mark. Like most rappers, OMB Peezy is pretty fond of his marijuana, specifically Purple as he told us. We got the rapper to pull up to our office to teach us how to correctly roll a blunt while he showed us a few pointers on properly twisting a Wood and told us a few of his highest stories.

OMB Peezy joins us for our most recent episode of "How To Roll." During the episode, he lets us know about his favorite strain, his favorite munchies and why he doesn't mess with edibles or wax. However, one of the more interesting points is when he reveals the first time he got high. Peezy admitted to first smoking at eight years old which is the youngest any rapper has admitted on "How To Roll." Someone he knew left some weed around and he managed to get his hands on it. Being that young, he just ended up putting the weed in some regular paper and getting high.

"It was me and my brother, we used to always wait for my cousins and 'dem to throw their doobies and shit and pick 'em up," he said, "But when I first smoked like some weed n' shit, like really smoked, we had my n*gga left his weed on the porch, you feel me? We went and took that shit and smoked it around the corner and smoked that shit in some paper."

He later speaks on getting loaded for the first time in California at 12 and later on, shows us the proper technique to keeping a pack of Backwoods fresh.

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