OMB Peezy "The Hard Way" Video

Aron A.
August 22, 2017 21:12

OMB Peezy is going to let you know "The Hard Way" in his new video.

OMB Peezy is a young rapper with a lot of potential ahead. The Bay Area rapper is currently signed to 300 Entertainment via E-40's Sick Wid It Entertainment and is continuously pushing his music further and further as his career continues to blossom. From his voice to his choice of beats, there's a level of maturity found with OMB Peezy that isn't necessarily found with a lot of other younger rappers. He speaks grim tales of the street life but more from the standpoint who has already been through it. His latest video for "The Hard Way" is a testament to that.

OMB Peezy's new video matches the grittiness of the song. While the hook has a Boosie-inspired tone to it, OMB Peezy is seen swinging his dreads, counting and smoking blunts next to his homies, which include one person with a ski mask on. The song details how OMB Peezy won't be playing if you ever try to test him. As previously stated, there's a mature perspective from where he spits. On the track, he talks about what will happen if you try to mess with him or his homeboys. As he raps "Stake out where the boys stay/caught the n*gga in the hallway" his homeboy with a ski mask is seen peeking through the blinds. 

The video was shot by K. Welch Visuals, who has grown his name by doing a lot of work for artists in the Bay Area. He utilizes simple settings within this video to get the message across and it works very well. 

It's a solid visual and song for OMB Peezy. He has been steadily putting out a slew of strong releases both in his music and in videos. While he has his upcoming tape Loyalty Over Love on the way, this video serves as a great teaser of what's to come from the young artist. 

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