Today, there's a new trailer for a not-quite-new Deadpool movie: Once Upon A Deadpool. The movie is an adaptation, a re-cutting of Deadpool 2 to tone down the language and make it viewable to more people, making the studio more money. To disguise this canny financial move, the writers of the new adaptation have created a convenient frame narrative that is typical of the Deadpool movies which are, if not self-aware, at least very self-referential. 

The trailer begins with snowflakes falling on across the screen, while a narrator introduces us to the concept: "this Christmas, a good guy in red/is coming to theatres with his new sidekick Fred." It then cuts to Fred Savage, who is annoyed to be tied to a bed in what looks like his childhood room, but is really his characters room from the movie The Princess Bride, a movie in which Fred's character gets told a story by his grandfather and the action of the film comes back to the bedroom at the end. The people behind Deadpool are using this same framing technique to ensure that the story is "filtered through the prism of childlike innocence" and, as Deadpool tells Fred, "nobody does childhood like you, Fred."