Once Upon A Deadpool is touching down this Christmas as a PG-13 version of the crude sequel film. Ryan Reynolds had the idea to kidnap Fred Savage, and read him the Deadpool 2 film in a Princess Bride-esque narration. Savage starred in the classic film as a sick child whose father reads him a bedtime story that narrates the film. It appears that a Deadpool fan tweeted out that same exact idea last year though. 

"@VancityReynolds If Marvel forces you to make a PG-13 Deadpool, just copy the framing device from The Princess Bride and have Deadpool censoring it for Fred Savage as a bedtime story," tweeted MVBramley. "A kidnapped adult Fred Savage. There, I fixed it." His tweet is dated December 7, 2017. "Sooo... I tweeted the exact plot of the new 'Once Upon A Deadpool' PG version of #Deadpool2 at Ryan Reynolds almost a year ago and it somehow wound up in a movie without me knowing," tweeted MVBramley on Tuesday (November 20). 

MVBramley assured the internet that he wasn't looking to sue anybody after his story went viral. In fact, he seems to just want acknowledgment and possibly a job. "Just a friendly reminder that I have no (never had any) intention of trying to sue Ryan Reynolds, Disney or any of its subsidiaries," he tweeted. Soon after, the story reached Reynolds. The Deadpool actor reached out to MVBramley and set the record straight.