Sad news this morning after a gunman fatally shot a man last night near the University of Utah. The suspect is 24-year-old Austin Boutain, who is still at large in the Salt Lake City Area, Daily News reports. Austin was reportedly shot and killed an international student by the name of ChenWei Guo, when he was carjacking just east of the campus. 

Just after 9PM students were advised to “Shelter in Place” after a call to the police reported a man with a gunshot in his head. University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy reports that Austins wife later appeared on campus injured, saying her husband assaulted her while they were camping in a nearby canyon. It's unclear whether the hijacking is linked to the shooting. The campus remained on lockdown for more than two hours as police were searching for Austin, he is still at large. 

Austin was last seen in a beanie and black hoodie with a cross tattoo on his face. Campus security report that he was driving a forest green pick-up truck with Colorado license plates. 

Austin's brother, Lee Boutain, told the publication that he was shocked to hear the news of his brother being involved in a shooting. He had not heard from his sibling in a number of months. The last he knew of his whereabouts was when he skipped his parole in Wisconsin. Lee would not give further detail on his brother's criminal history, but Daily Mail reports that he has been arrested in Ohio and Alabama.