For almost a year, living in his friend’s basement, MC Logic worked non-stop on a deadline to make "it" happen before the year was up. And that he did. The Maryland native signed with Visionary Music Group and Def Jam, and began working on his first project, Under Pressure. The album debuted at #4 last month on the Billboards, falling only behind veteran emcee T.I. and his Paperwork album. Logic’s freshman album has also sold over 84,000 copies since its release- an impressive feat for someone working from a friend’s basement all year, and with little to no radio airplay.

The Under Pressure cover is an illustration depicting Logic, Castro, and 6ix working in Big Lenbo’s basement. The Young Sinatra enlisted illustrator Sam Spratt to capture an everyday scene for him to share. He also included several interludes throughout the record to narrate the album making process. This week we bring back Origins to further narrate the LP. We delve into the basement, into the tracks and we examine a catalog of tracks that producers No I.D., 6ix, Logic, and more used to help create for Under Pressure. A corroboration of classic hip-hop drum breaks layered beside samples can be found. Beginning with the intro, let’s take a listen.