If you thought your year was bad, we can almost promise that it wasn't as turbulent as Orland Brown's. The former Disney star was tracked down by bounty hunters, got a tattoo of Raven Symone on his neck, got busted for crystal meth possession while breaking into a restaurant, entered rehab after an intervention and then got caught barefoot with a box of wine once he was released.  

According to TMZ, Orlando is now on his second intervention and this time Dr. Phil has gotten involved. The publication got its hands on the first clip from Friday's upcoming episode with Orlando, and it sees the actor's friend telling Dr. Phil that Orlando is running out of help.

"I called in because Orlando, he has a mental problem and he's burnt so many bridges no one wants to deal with him," Orlando's friend says in the clip below. "If you can't help he does not have a chance," he tells Dr. Phil. His friend explains how Orlando will randomly make claims of being Michael Jackson's son and owning Neverland. 

At the end of the clip, we see Orlando and his snake eye contacts listening to Dr. Phil offering his help but only if he's willing to take it.