Orlando Brown will spend the next 23 days in a cell in accordance with his drug and burglary cases. The former That's So Raven cast member plead no contest for his September 2nd arrest, because video relay captured the whole thing on tape. Brown entered his friend's restaurant and pilfered through many of the assorted objects contained in its kitchen.

The ex-Disney star was initially charged with 45 days behind bars, but had the sentenced commuted to 23 days because one bid overlaps the other with respect to time. Brown will finish the totality of his sentence on October 1st.

The other offence stems from an incident in which Orlando was spotted by cops entering and leaving a "crack den" motel. Officers found a bag of drugs on his person they later identified as crystal crystal methamfetamine, as well as a functioning pipe. Brown also had an existing warrant for his arrest that dated back to 2016, when officers responded to a 911 call by his then-girlfriend, whom he allegedly struck in the face while they were in custody at the precinct. The full timeline of Orlando Brown's criminal history dates back to a DUI arrest in 2011, 4 years after That's So Raven got pulled under mysterious circumstances.