Last week, former That's So Raven star Orlando Brown was showing off his brand new ink for the 'gram and, likely not for the reasons he wished, everybody was discussing the photos. When you get a new tattoo, some people's first instinct is to share it with your friends and get their thoughts, which is exactly what Orlando did. However, the public response was almost entirely negative. His new piece depicts his former co-star Raven-Symoné on his neck and chest, covering a lot of space. The worst part is not even the concept - the execution of the piece is horrendous.

Although his love for Raven is to be admired, the actor has had a lot of trouble with the law in recent years, getting arrested for a domestic dispute in January. While he may have been attempting to put his legal trouble behind him, it was revealed by TMZ that he was arrested yet again. This time, he was nabbed in Las Vegas for narcotics possession, drug paraphernalia, and resisting arrest after he was caught with meth and a pipe on him. Brown is reportedly still locked up after he was taken in yesterday. Cops allegedly witnessed the actor enter and exit a motel in a "high drug and prostitution" area, which led to his arrest.

Now becoming infamous for his epic mugshots, Orlando Brown has done it again, exaggerating his frown while keeping his Raven tattoo on full display. In my opinion, whoever did Orlando's tattoo should also be arrested but I guess the authorities will let that slide. Check out the mugshot here.