With worldwide boredom at an all-time high, many artists and entertainers have decided to fill the void with playful competition, a process that has led to a rampant rise in battle-fever. We've already seen producers like Scott Storch and Mannie Fresh facing off, as well as artists like Tory Lanez and French Montana, all in the name of sportsmanship. Over the weekend, T-Pain and Lil Jon went head-to-head in a duel of the hits, and 2 Chainz fired off a challenge to anybody willing to step up. 

OT Genasis 21 Savage

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Eager to get in on the fun, OT Genasis took to Instagram to invite 21 Savage to a full-fledged "sing-off," a challenge likely fueled by 21's impromptu karaoke session of R&B hits, with tunes from Beyonce, Usher, Aaliyah, Brandy, and more. He even put his falsetto to the test with an admirable rendition of Pharrell's "Frontin." Suffice it to say, 21 Savage's fledging R&B career is looking more promising than ever. Even OT Genasis couldn't deny the dulcet nature of his tones. 

"21 Savage you have a beautiful voice, bro," wrote OT. "I say we have a sing-off." After Shade Room picked up the story, OT's old sparring partner Keyshia Cole, whom he covered on the cult classic "Never Knew," slid through to offer 21 her co-sign. OT clapped back with a playful-but-not warning, advising Cole to "not start with him again." As for 21, he made sure to let OT know he wasn't about to back down. "Ot don’t want this smoke," he replied, fueling our hope that this ill-fated event can indeed be wished into existence. 

Sound off below -- who would you put your money on, in the event that 21 and OT Genasis went head-to-head in a singing battle?