Spotify is undoubtedly the biggest streaming service with over 75M paid subscribers as of early May. However, their ability to constantly figure out new ways to elevate the streaming platform is what keeps them ahead of the game. Apple Music is the closest rival to Spotify right now with over 40M subscribers as of April. However, it looks like the two companies are finding a new rival in Pandora as they've rolled out their new family plan.

Pandora has just launched their new family plan for $15 a month. This matches both Spotify and Apple Music plans that are geared towards multiple people. The new service allows up to six users to have their own account where they could create their own custom radio stations and playlists as well as downloading music and have no ads interrupt the listening experience. 

As reported by TheVerge, Pandora's new family plan seems to be another way for them to convert their free users to paid subscribers. As of now, they have 80M monthly free listeners. However, it might take them some time to catch up. They only launched their Premium service in March 2017 once they obtained the key assets from Rdio. As of January 2018, they only had six million paid subscribers. It'll be interesting to see what their next move is to bring the company to new heights.