Lindsay Lohan has essentially been taking L's ever since Mean Girls which marked the peak of her career. Since then, her bizarre behavior's turned her into a walking punchline for the media as well as the rest of Hollywood. At one point in time, Lindsay Lohan hung out with Hollywood's elite socialites such as Paris Hilton who she partied with in the mid-2000s. Unfortunately, things between them have soured to the point where Paris Hilton isn't able to say a single nice thing about the disgraced actress.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Paris Hilton, who recently dropped her new single, "My Best Friend's Ass," sat down with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. During the "Plead The Fifth" segment, Paris was asked to say three nice things about Lindsay Lohan. Clearly having trouble from the jump, she said, "She's beyond."

"That’s good. That’s pretty nice for you to say she’s beyond," Cohen said before Paris Hilton unloaded the rest of her thoughts.

"Lame and embarrassing," Hilton continued right after. 

Despite Paris' strained relationship with the actress, Lindsay Lohan's recent actions have lived up to Paris' comments. Aside from her failed attempt to get Kendrick Lamar and Tyga to slide her in DMs, she made headlines in the fall after a run in with a "refugee family." Lohan filmed an interaction she had with a family of Syrian refugees where she claimed the parents were trafficking their child.

Suffice to say, Paris' comments are backed up by cold hard facts.