Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson's daughter, is said to have appeared in court on Tuesday morning to testify against Nicholas Lewis Stevens. The accused is said to have been talking her for years. Both the 20-year-old and Stevens were present during the hearing.

Jackson gave an emotional testimony of her experience from her courtroom seat. She described the negative impact Stevens' actions have had on her emotional well-being. Stevens' perpetual alleged stalking culminated in the decision to follow Paris to a recording studio last month. Longterm protection for the celebrity was requested after Paris endured years of this type of behavior. The judge agreed to order the alleged stalker to stay 100 yards away from Jackson at all times.

Although this situation has been ongoing for many years, Paris Jackson decided to keep the matter private. She finally addressed her distress for the first time after Comic Con. She filmed a tearful video while still in cosplay, explaining the frightening situation.

It's been years and I haven't talked shit this entire time. I've tried to be civil, I've tried to be nice. I tried to end this on a positive note and I can't take this anymore. [...] I've begged for years for them to leave me alone, but they won't.