We know that Party Supplies and Action Bronson work well together, as evidenced by their two collaborative efforts Blue Chips and more recently, Blue Chips 2. Now in a new interview with HipHopDX, Party Supplies' Justin Nealis talks on the confusion surrounding the duo (many believe Party Supplies to be a single person), and reveals that Bronsolino and Supplies have added in producer Alchemist to their equation for a new collaborative project.

“There’s definitely some confusion there, and I definitely want to clarify that for you. Party Supplies is me and Sean,” Nealis said, referring to his counterpart Sean Mahon. He went on to explain where the confusion stemmed from, saying that in the early point of their career he was doing solo gigs for Party Supplies simply because the promoters couldn't afford to send two people out, and he needed the money. 

The 1/2 of Party Supplies went on to confirm a joint effort between Bronson, Alchemist, himself and Sean Mahon.

“We went out to LA with [Bronson] last month—me, him, Alchemist, and Sean recorded an entire EP of material under the name Jericho. Jericho may be a project that we drop, that’s really under-the-table, no one knows about that yet. Jericho may just be like a multi-genre, no label EP that may cross genres from Hip Hop to Electro to ‘80s Pop. We may bridge the gap with that actually, because some of the stuff we recorded for that, one of the songs sounds like a late ‘80s Smokey Robinson record and shit. And then, there’s some Surf Rock on there that sounds like the Beach Boys and Bronson’s rhyming on it. Alchemist made the beat. We rented pianos and keyboards. We rented a Wurlitzer, we rented a bass, we rented a few guitars and shit. We recorded a lot of original material that kind of has a very Electro sound and we’re calling it Jericho."

We'll have to wait and see what happens with Jericho.

[UPDATE: Action Bronson Clarifies EP]

Shortly after the news began circulating of a joint EP between Party Supplies, Action Bronson and Alchemist, Bronsolino explained to XXL that it's not exactly a project, and it's not exactly rap. He also says it's not "official."

"It’s nothing official. It’s a collective a people—Oh No, Sean who is also in Party Supplies, Tommy Mas. It’s just a collective of people of human beings that make music. Something is gonna come out of it and it’s probably not going to be rap. It’s probably going to be some next level shit. We are in there with all kinds of instruments, fucking frog percussions and shit. Yeah, I’m on the frog percussions! When you hear it, it’s me," Bronson said.