Everyone remembers back in July of 2010 when LeBron James did his infamous "Decision" telecast and shocked pretty much no one outside of Cleveland with his decision to join Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the Miami Heat. The Heat were the first of the so-called Super Teams and went to four-straight NBA Finals, winning two of them. They were an incredibly fun team to watch and marked the beginning of an era in NBA history. In 2014, Lebron decided to go back home to Cleveland and left Wade and Bosh together in Miami.

Heat president Pat Riley was recently interviewed by ESPN about James' decision, to which Riley said he saw an opportunity for a dynasty wasted. The Heat haven't been the same since he left.

"When LeBron made that call, I saw a dynasty fly out the window," Riley said. "I didn't blame him, but I knew that was a 10-year team. It was just a sad day for me and our franchise because I wanted that dynasty. I wanted this city and this team to go 10 years and maybe be in the finals eight times. I don't know how many championships we would have won. But, I don't have any rancor towards him, at all."

Wade is now in his final season in the NBA, while Bosh is now retired due to health concerns. Needless to say, the Heat will be in rebuild mode quite shortly.