Patrick Beverley was all over the news yesterday as Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports published a report in which it was revealed that Beverley allegedly disrespected the Executive Director of the NBPA during a fiery meeting. It is believed that Beverley told her that he pays her salary, which is something that was eventually denied by four separate NBA players. Regardless, fans and those in the media were seemingly upset with Beverley as disrespect towards a woman should never be tolerated.

Yesterday, however, Beverley cleared the air while speaking to reporters. The Los Angeles Clippers star says the conversation with Roberts was an interesting and productive one and that he considers her to be family.

“We had a very interesting conversation,” Beverley said. “The PA is like a family. I’m pretty sure with everyone here, all the cameras pointed to me, we’re all a family. We don’t always agree with your family members and that’s okay. You communicate about it and you try to make it better. Whatever the dialogue was, or whatever you think it is, we made things better yesterday meeting with the owners and that’s the most important thing.”

Needless to say, it looks like all parties are looking to move on from this chapter.