Patrick Beverley is one of the grittiest players in the entire NBA and he has no problem going after players when he is fed up with their antics. This is exactly what happened in Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals when Beverley shoved Chris Paul from behind after Paul embellished one too many times. In the end, Beverley was hit with a suspension for the play as he will now have to miss the first game of the next NBA season. 

Oddly enough, a Suns fan still felt it was necessary to write a letter to the NBA as they felt what Beverley did was dangerous. Today, the fan took to Twitter in disgust as he didn't like the response he received from the league. Beverley caught wind of this open letter and clapped back at the fan with some cop emojis.

In the end, pretty well no one was on the Suns fan's side as his letter seemed to be the most obnoxious thing you could possibly do. At the end of the day, nothing is ever that serious, and writing a letter that Adam Silver is never going to see, is straight-up weirdo behavior.

Beverley is simply going to serve his suspension and that will be that. If you are a fan who thinks writing a letter is a good idea to get the league's attention, please go touch grass.


Christian Petersen/Getty Images