Lisa Beverley, mother of Los Angeles Clippers guard Patrick Beverley, had herself a hell of a day on Wednesday's episode of The Price Is Right. 

First, she won a car. Then, she won $1,000 after landing on the $1.00 spot while spinning the big wheel. That would have been enough to solidify her Price Is Right appearance as a huge success, but that was just the beginning of her memorable run.

Later on in the show, Lisa Beverley won a second car as part of a package in the final Showcase, which also included a trip to Madagascar and over $41,000 in prizes. 

After Lisa's epic performance, her NBA son took to twitter to express his excitement, which he compared to the hype of a playoff game. "Wow is all I can say is wow!!! She really won!!! I’m hyped like it was a playoff game!!!" Another one of Beverley's tweets reads, "Moms won price is right!!! Is litttt!!!! Let me hold one of those cars mama!!!!."

Check out some of the footage below.