Patrick Mahomes had NFL fans floored last season with his incredible play as the quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. He ended up finishing the season with 50 touchdowns and was one overtime quarter away from the Super Bowl. Mahomes was also rewarded with the Most Valuable Player award which was certainly well deserved. Heading into next season, there are some lofty expectations on the Chiefs, especially with Mahomes having a full year's worth of experience under his belt.

Whether he can recreate last year's success remains to be seen, although he's certainly putting on a show at training camp as seen in the video below. In the clip, Mahomes pulls off one of his signature no-look passes and the whole thing is put into slow motion.

If Mahomes can continue to make plays like this throughout the season, there is no denying just how good the Chiefs are going to be. The AFC is wide open and the Chiefs are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. If everything goes according to plan, they will be well on their way to doing so.

Chiefs fans everywhere are probably salivating over these kinds of plays and as casual fans, we hope we get to see them all season long. If you're a fantasy owner, Mahomes should be high on your radar.