Paul George has one of the best and most consistent signature sneaker lines in the basketball world right now. Fans have been enjoying every single new model that comes out, and with 2022 on the horizon, fans are anticipating more greatness with the Nike PG 6. After a disappointing PG 4, Nike was able to right their wrongs with a PG 5 that brought the line back to its roots. It was a shoe that had people excited, and now, a new offering is on the horizon.

Unfortunately, there are no teasers of the PG 6 floating around online. Nike has done a great job of keeping this new shoe under wraps, however, some information about the sneaker is finally starting to leak out.

Paul George

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, this model will actually be dropping on January 13th of next year. This means the shoe is only a couple of weeks away, which is a pretty good indication that some product images will be upon us very soon. After all, Nike wouldn't expect fans to buy some kicks without them knowing what they're getting into.

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