Paul Pierce has been known to come through with some pretty crazy takes basketball takes, especially in regards to the Boston Celtics. Of course, Pierce spent the vast majority of his career in Boston so he is a little biased when it comes to matters involving the team. Whenever they are in the playoffs, he sets lofty expectations for the team, and more often than not, his takes are quickly debunked.

Recently, Pierce gave perhaps his most ridiculous take yet. While speaking on which team has the best shot at winning the NBA title, Pierce said it was the Celtics. While his comments about Jayson Tatum certainly ring true, it was his remark about the team's starting five that turned heads. As he explained in the clip below, the Celtics actually have the best starting five in the entire league.

“Boston poses the best threat, and not because I played for Boston. When you look at their roster, Jayson Tatum started playing like a superstar before this work stoppage. In my opinion, Boston has the best starting five in the NBA,” Pierce said.

Perhaps Pierce will be proven right, however, this is unlikely when teams like the Toronto Raptors, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Lakers exist.

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