Payroll Giovanni & Cardo Bless Us With "5's and 6's" Video

Devin Ch
March 28, 2018 12:06

Payroll Giovanni & Cardo blend strong and smooth notes in their new video '5's and 6's.'

Payroll Giovanni continues his solo jaunt with Cardo Got Wings, the producer saving his easy listening material for his go-to-guy. The death of Doughboy Roc signaled an end of an era for Payroll and his Detroit brethren. Their group Doughboyz Cashout had built themselves a dedicated following over time, and had just started to receive national attention at the time of his death. Payroll, the flashiest member of the group, seized his opportunity despite and and inspite of the tragedy, with Cardo waiting in the wings.

'5's and 6's' is the last mention of winter before we rinse repeat. Payroll and Cardo are iced out to match the scenery, the roads abandoned due to snowfall, their 4matics outfitted with power steering capable of keeping up with the dregs. Payroll fancifully uses his automotive lane as a metaphor for his independence as an artist. He'd been raking it in without a big label push for over 10 years prior to signing with Def Jam in 2017.

Big Bossin, Vol. 2
is available for purchase here.

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