Peewee Longway Drops Lean-Inspired "I Can't Get Enough" Video

Devin Ch
March 28, 2018 14:32

Peewee Longway recreates Leo Dicaprio's quaalude driving scene in "I Can't Get Enough" music video.

Peewee Longway is preparing the release of his upcoming project Spaghetti Factory with producer Spaghetti-J. To mark the occasion, the rapper has released "I Can't Get Enough," a video and song which falls in line with the loving trap dad persona he has created to date.

"I Can't Get Enough" is direct play on The Wolf of Wall Street, specifically the scene in which Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio struggles to gain entry into his Lamborghini Countach, save for a few elements which have been swapped out in accordance with Peewee's character. For one the barbiturate makes way for a bottle of codeine. Even as he fails to keep his composure falling flat on the ground, Peewee manages his verse, and then his second. Peewee finally weasels into the front cabin of his Lambo, before deciding it ain't the moment to move at mach speed.

Hit us with your thoughts. Look out for Spaghetti Factory coming out soon.

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