Penalty Recordings is back. The label, well known for housing the likes of N.O.R.E., The Beatnuts, Crooked Lettaz and Lord Finesse, will now be known as Penalty Entertainment, relaunching in partnership with Sony RED.

The label has ironed out a multi-year distribution deal with RED, and will be lead by it's original founder and CEO, Neil Levine.

“We’re focused on artist development, talented new producers and musicians who will be here many years down the road,” Levine said in a statement regarding the new partnership. "We want the superstars of tomorrow today.”

Sony Red's President Bob Morelli also had some words for the joint venture. “Penalty 2.0 joins with a new roster that showcases the quality and consistency of the original," he stated. “There is no doubt about Penalty’s plans to recapture the original excitement and Neil’s ability to deliver it.”

The first releases from penalty will bve seen as early as this spring, with projects from Hi-Rez and eMC first on the docket.