Most people are well aware that Pete Davidson has moved on from Ariana Grande with actress Kate Beckinsale who is 20-years his senior. They debuted their romance at a recent hockey game where they weren't shy about a public make-out sessionTMZ recently caught up with Kate's ex Matt Rife - another youngin who she dated two years ago when he was 21-years-old - who shared some advice for Pete who has embarked on a relationship with the Underworld actress. 

"We dated for a year and it was complicated, for sure, a lot of ups and downs but she's moved on and I'm happy and I' hoping they're getting out of it what they [want]," Matt said, as seen in the video below.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

When asked what advice he would give Pete, Matt tried to remain positive but couldn't help but let his honest advice slip through. "Run....enjoy it while you can. I hope they're both happy I hope they can build to where it's an established good relationship," he said. 

"Just be careful," he added, explaining how he would never get back with the actress. "No, not a chance."