Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande have ended their passionate relationship. The seemingly inseparable pair had gotten engaged quite quickly after they started dating. That fervor could not get them through their hardships, however, as they are no longer heading for the altar. Some fans seem to have taken this to heart and decided to make sure Davidson stayed off the streets after the breakup.

GoFundMe campaign had been erected to ensure living arrangements for the comedian. The page explained how the 24-year-old would most likely "need somewhere to sleep tonight." It is unclear how much money had been raised before the page was taken down. A goal of $2500 had been set. 

Although these types of campaigns are usually created out of compassion in relation to dire situations, this instance seems to be one of trolling rather than legitimate assistance. Social media users have been circulating memes and other content mocking Davidson. Most of the uploads hint at his being destitute following the split.

Ariana and Pete purchased $16 million mansion in New York in August, shortly after their engagement. The Saturday Night Live regular is probably in a financial position that would allow him to get his own home if he moves out of their luxurious piece of real estate.