On Wednesday night, Pete Davidson stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and spoke publicly for the first time about his surprising new engagement with fiancee Ariana Grande. Wasting no time and getting right into it, Pete held nothing back about his excitement. “It’s fuckin lit Jimmy” he said when asked how he’s handling it all after being congratulated. 

“It’s so funny walking down the street and dudes are walking by and they’re like [tips hat]” Pete said before making some jokes about his looks and scoring big time with Ariana. “Im a lucky motherf*cker” he added.

Pete then went on to talk about how weird it is that everyone cares so much about their engagement, but yet we have a President trying to pardon himself & who’s sleeping with a porn star. “Why do people care? It’s very weird. It’s weird cause the President is like trying to pardon himself and he’s like fucking a porn star. Its like shouldn't we care about that?” Pete says before hilarious posing with his thumb while staring into the camera.

It's the first time either Pete or Ariana has spoken publicly about their engagement and it probably won't be the last either.

Check out the comical sit down chat with Fallon (below), where Pete also talks about his obsession with Robert Pattinson's movie Good Time as well.