A few months ago Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Kanye West and Pete Davidson all linked up at Nobu in Malibu for Kid's birthday. Kim, who was the one who snapped the popular photo of the dinner, previously talked about the evening detailing how she chilled in the corner, not wanting to interrupt guy night. "Everyone just had such a good time. The vibe was so good and I didn't wanna ruin it so I sat in the corner and just documented it for them," she said. "I was playing Word Connect on my phone and letting them have their, like, guy time."

Pete recently linked with his friend Machine Gun Kelly to take a lie detector test with Vanity Fair where he revealed that he paid for the whole dinner that consisted of them "eating a bunch of rich people stuff."

Pete had previously put his credit card down expecting it to just be him and Kid, but then the whole crew showed up leading to a very expensive bill. "[Kanye] kept ordering the whole entire time and I didn't know he was coming and I already put my card down to pay because I thought it would be just me and Cudi. Then, Chalamet showed up and then Kanye showed up and I was like 'Oh, f*ck' and then I had to book two more gigs in Ohio."

As for whether Kanye is a dessert guy, Pete had another way of explaining it. "He's an order the fucking everything because I  can and then we all have one bite, maybe... because fuck you... guy."