Pete Davidson was the subject of another callout in the past few days. The comedian received major backlash for making fun of a Navy Seal veteran's eyepatch, which covers the eye he lost due to an explosive device. Dan Crenshaw, the Navy Seal turned politician, has since been elected to Texas’ 2nd Congressional District Tuesday and mentioned the incident during his speech. 

As expected, Crenshaw thanked his team and the person who persuaded him to run during this round of elections. He still slipped in the SNL moment from the stage, referring to Pete himself.

"He's upset because the recent Saturday Night Live controversy has resulted in me having more Twitter followers than (him)."

People were amused by his sense of humor and how lightly he took the situation in comparison to those who were crying out against Davidson's bad joke on social media. After his speech, Crenshaw elaborated on his view of the offensive situation. He acknowledges the inappropriate nature of Pete's punchline while disagreeing with the negative focus our society is currently prone to.

"Let's stop demanding apologies and firings of people. Let's just demand that comedy actually be funny but lets be good people. Let's not demand outrage all the time."