Peter Gunz finally got his chance to tear down his long-time foe Cisco Rosado last weekend, squaring off against each other in the boxing ring. The two Love & Hip-Hop cast members seemingly couldn't wait to throw punches against each other, going wild after the fight got out of control with Cisco throwing off his gloves and attempting to start a bare-knuckle fight. While we'll need to wait to see whether they book a second fight with different rules, Peter Gunz is confident in declaring that he walked away from the night as a winner, booking club appearances as "The Real Winner" of the bout.

Hosting an event in Dallas, Texas this upcoming weekend on Friday, Peter Gunz told the world that despite how it looked on screen, he walked away as the winner of the fight. "Dallas has spoken!! See you Friday," he wrote on Instagram. The promotional poster he shared declares him the "real" winner of his match against Cisco. "Can finally drink smoke and turn the fuck up," he added in his caption.

It may feel as though Cisco and Peter Gunz left the arena even bigger enemies than they entered, but on Gunz' side, it's nothing but love. After the fight, he shared a picture with Rosado, writing, "And just like that it’s over!! Just want to say thank you to all my friends and family for the overwhelming support I love you all.. Congratulations @cisco_rosado let’s take our first drink together!!"

Who do you think won? Cisco or Peter Gunz? Watch the video of their fight below.