For this year's Good Friday, Pharrell Williams and his son Rocket have made their way down to Los Angeles' Skid Row to serve up some hot meals for those less fortunate. The meal is an annual tradition for the Los Angeles Mission where the homeless also get shoes and an Easter basket. TMZ reports that his year, about 4,000 people were fed pork with an apple glaze, King's Hawaiian rolls, a side of mac and cheese and peach crisp for dessert.

Sarah Morris/Getty Images

The publication details how Pharell helps out with such tasks a few times a year and recently helped during Thanksgiving. 

“It’s not out of pressure as much as it is out of responsibility that I feel to the universe. The universe has given me so much," The "Happy" music maker previously stated when asked if he needs to "change" as he gets older. 

"[...] When you get older you realise that there were so many people that the universe used and that conspired to get you to that place. And so, you have to return that favour. You have to stand in line and help, you know, recognise or help people acknowledge themselves and recognise that they’re stars and if they stand in the right place, they can be part of the greater constellation. That’s my job.”