Pharrell is big on collaborations. The artist says that it is in his DNA. Any project he hops on must gel with him. “Everything,” he said. “Everything is led by emotion.” This was, of course, the case with his collaboration with Ariana Grande for her Sweetener album.

One song, in particular, prompted a complex conversation. "Get Well Soon" came with a set of challenges stemming from Grande's traumatic experience with the bombing of her concert in Manchester.

"That was a moment where she was so crushed from everything that happened [in Manchester]," Pharrell said. "She was carrying it; it was weighing on her. I felt like if we made a song that was about her being there for someone else, then it would get her mind off of being hurt. Or at least help. I was like, man, how do we make that, mixed with a Hallmark card of a song?"

Pharell also shared his thoughts on Mac Miller, who recently passed away.

"Mac Miller really loved music. But he loved music his way. Now, that sounds general, but if you know him and you know his music, there were some very specific choices, things that lit him up. He was this guy out of Pittsburgh who loved doing what he did."