The social media boom has a lot of brands scrambling for advertising strategies, and Arby's may have taken one of the strangest routes yet. 

Pharrell's Grammy hat got a whole lot of attention at the Grammy's last month, with many pointing out the resemblance between his "urban sombrero" and the Arby's logo. Of course, the restaurant instantly took to their Twitter account to take advantage of the moment, but they haven't let go of the affiliation just yet.

Skateboard P recently put his Grammy hat up on Ebay, with the proceeds of the auction going to charity. Yesterday, the hat sold for $44,100, and apparently Arby's made the winning bid.

After Pharrell announced the final sale on Twitter, Arby's responded with a screen cap of their purchase, writing, "We're HAPPY to support a great cause & get our hat back. Good luck at the #Oscars tonight!"

Check out the tweets below. Do you think it's a worthwhile investment for the restaurant?