Pharrell Williams is yet again branching outside of just being a hit music maker. The 44-year-old has teamed up with the likes of Tracy Oliver, the writer behind the movie Girls Trip, to bring the book Survive the Night to the big screen, The Hollywood Reporter reports. 

Warner Bros. is the leading company behind the film as Tracy will serve as writer, while Pharrell, Mimi Valdes (his i am OTHER partner), Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Dutton will be the producers. Pharrell, Tracy and Mimi previously collaborated on the YouTube series Awkward Black Girl that starred Issa Rae. 

The thriller will follow a group of female college students who go to an underground rave in New York. Things turn crazy when they have to fight for their lives from a mysterious killer. The movie is set to have a very big music component, with the score playing to the themes throughout the motion picture - something Pharrell will be keen at having a part in. 

SZA recently revealed that the "Frontin'" singer tried to add drums to her hit single "Supermodel" but added that it just didn't work. She detailed the story during an interview with Billboard Magazine. SZA said the song's co-writer, Tyron Donaldson, had just learned to play the guitar a couple days prior to hear hearing his chords where she insisted they be recorded. Long story short, after the vocals were laid down and the song was made, she admitted it needed something more. 

"At the end of a song, you want to mix it and make it better and add shit to it and like figure out, 'Does it need backgrounds?' Everything we've ever tried to add to that song did not work," she explained. "Pharrell tried to add drums to the song but it's not on a grid, it's not quantized. It's just Ty trying to play guitar for the third time ever in his life."

Although his idea to add some drums didn't go through, he did contribute some vocals on the song.