What can you expect from the team that comes in while Meek Mill's "Dreams & Nightmares" blasts in the backdrop?

The Philadelphia Eagles are officially Super Bowl champions, earning the distinction after defeating the New England Patriots by a score of 41-33 Sunday evening in Minneappolis' US Bank Stadium. Embracing the label of being the underdogs despite being the top seed in the NFC, the Eagles maintained their momentum consistently throughout the game, gifting fans with an electrifying perfomance spearheaded by quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

Completing 28 of 43 passes, Foles, who came in as a backup quarterback this season following Carson Wentz's injury, threw for 373 yards in what was just his sixth start the entire season. Foles composure as a leader on the field paired with coach Doug Pederson's willingness to take risks all night ultimately pushed the Eagles toward their ultimate victory.

The fact this is just the third Super Bowl match up in which both teams scored at least 30 points points to just how exciting the faceoff was, with both squads maintaining a viable level of competition throughout with Tom Brady scoring big despite the Patriots' loss, throwing for a Super Bowl record of 505 yards. Collectively, both the Eagles and Patriots set the record for combined offensive yards, raking in 1,151 yards.

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