The Philadelphia Eagles have been officially invited to The White House to meet the Head of State in his Oval Office. Winners from the major four sporting leagues are normally invited to take a photo with the President as is custom. The ceremony would be held on June 5th if the team decides to participate. The issue is much of the team's core has already publicly denounced the ceremony, so long as it involves Donald Trump. However Eagles fans responding to a poll on the matter voted 63% in favor of the team showing up on June 5th for their picture. Unfortunately the decision is not their's to make.

The team was officially approached in April to set a date. The organization took its time weighing the political consequences the visit would effectuate, and until now is still undecided. Safety Malcolm Jenkins, himself a team leader, has stated on record that "he will not be going to the White House," but would travel with teammates to Washington, DC, should they decide to go. Sometime during this process, you'd have to think team ownership gave players the reassurance they were seeking to counteract Donald Trump's call for mandatory participation in "acts of patriotism." All but one squad player have RSVP'd their presence among the players on last year's active roster. A rundown is available here.