Dior's latest campaign is inspired by "traditional women riders of Mexico" and while we like to think their intentions for the photoshoot were pure, grabbing a non-Mexican woman for the shoot (that wasn't even in Mexico) had them fall short on the goal. But don't worry, 2 Dope Queens podcaster Phoebe Robinson laid out what Dior did wrong in a lengthy Instagram caption.

"Sooooooooo, #Dior & #JenniferLawrence wanna celebrate traditional Mexican women riders thru a “modern lens”...by having a rich white woman named Jennifer be the face of this campaign? And like they couldn’t think of a better landscape to shoot than in California?!" she wrote on Instagram, suggesting a list of other acts they could have easily used such as Salma Hayek, Karla Souza, Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and Eva Longoria.

"The audacity to call this shit modern because it’s worn by a white woman is ignorant," she added. Check out the post below and let us know what you think in the comments.