Where does an original album end and a Deluxe Edition begin? In all honesty, who the hell knows at this point. For the past while now, we've seen artists deliver projects only to follow-up with another project shortly thereafter, sometimes before the first version has any time to settle. For those who appreciate volume, the trend is certainly welcome -- but for those of us who enjoy the album as a linear experience, these Deluxe Editions tend to leave more questions than answers.

Pi'erre Bourne

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Obligatory Deluxe Edition rant aside, Pi'erre Bourne has officially come out here for some welcome news. Following the release of his The Life Of Pi'erre album last July, the producer slash rapper has confirmed that he would be dropping off the Deluxe Edition this Friday, complete with fifteen brand new songs. He also unveiled the album cover, which calls back to the original's purple artwork in a subtle fashion. Still, the whole thing raises the question as to why this isn't simply a new album, perhaps even The Life Of Pi'erre 5?

It's entirely possible that Pi'erre feels this batch of fifteen is thematically or musically tied to his 2019 project, and as such has deemed to closer to a "Deluxe Edition" than an entirely different body of work. Still, it remains confusing to see these artists continuously marketing two albums under the same name, leaving cynics wondering whether the days of album linearity will soon be over. In any case, at least we'll have some whimsical new beats from Pi'erre Bourne to tide us over.