PJ Tucker is highly-regarded by many within the NBA as the league's official sneaker king. Throughout his career in the league, Tucker has purchased hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rare shoes to flex out on the court. As a result, fans have taken notice, and so have the sneaker companies. In fact, Nike took full advantage of this as they signed Tucker to an exclusive sneaker deal that has his wearing only rare Nike sneakers.

While Tucker won't be getting his own signature model, he is still being given some pretty incredible opportunities. Case in point, Tucker is getting his very own Nike Kobe 5 Protro colorway. Tucker is a big fan of the Kobe models and since Bryant's death, Tucker has made sure to honor Kobe whenever possible. With this new colorway, that's exactly what Tucker is doing, and now, you can see the official images, below.

This is a fairly colorful model as we are met with a white base and unique color blocking as blue, volt, red, and purple highlights all take center stage. 

If you're interested in going out and getting a pair, you will be able to do so as of Friday, September 25th. As always, let us know what you think, in the comments below.