It looks like not everybody is all that familiar with Playboi Carti's discography, especially self-proclaimed "smart Conservative pages" on Instagram. On Friday, @conservative.genius, a right-wing IG account that claims to post "Facts and Logic" as well as "Smart Conservative Content," shared an anti-protest graphic that included a collage of photos. Along with the shots from recent demonstrations as a message that read, "if their cause is worth hearing, why do they resort to this?" However, among the photos of burning cop cars and establishments was one image that didn't quite seem to fit. This account appears to have mistaken the album cover for Playboi Carti's 2018 debut album, Die Lit, for a Black Lives Matter protest photo.

Of course, Carti's diehard fans quickly took notice of this hilarious blunder, and promptly roasted whoever was behind this "smart" account. "THE DIE LIT ALBUM COVER dude calls himself a genius, yet cant differentiate a real picture from an album cover LMFAOOO delete ya entire account sir," one user wrote. "This can’t be real there no way you used the die lit album cover," another commented. Many fans also flooded the comments with the lyrics to some of the songs off the album, while others just spammed the post with clown emojis for obvious reasons.

playboi cart die lit album cover conservative ig account fans roast troll protest photoBennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

The user behind the account eventually caught on to their critical error, although they don't quite seem to understand the extent of their mistake. "Sorry all, I didn't realise that picture of a riot was also used as an album cover, however I won't be taking it down," the account posted to its story, along with three American flags. Someone please tell them that the photo wasn't taken at a riot at all, and even if it was, it certainly wasn't in recent weeks.

playboi cart die lit album cover conservative ig account fans roast troll protest photo