Atlanta rapper, Playboi Carti, managed to inadvertently distract fans from the album they've been waiting on — for what feels like ages — Whole Lotta Redby accidentally misspelling his son's name on Twitter.

If you've been keeping up with Carti these days, you probably already know that he's been very active on the platform. While fans haven't paid much mind to his usual Twitter antics, they could not let this own slide. He tweeted a photo and the name of his son, Onyx. Except he spelt "Onxy" instead. After being very quickly called out, he deleted the initial tweet and wrote a corrected version 27 minutes later, proving that he can in fact spell his son's name. 

Unfortunately, it was 27 minutes too late. The damage was done. His followers continued to drag him over his obvious fail. 

Carti's colossal error comes just days after being called out on Twitter by his baby mama, Iggy Azalea. After tweeting: "I told da bit shut up! My son crying," Azalea publicly questioned whether or not the tweet was directed at her — understandably. "Did you?," she replied.